The 13-member Board of Commissioners serves as a legislative body for the communities in Macomb County. The powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Board are established by Michigan law and the County Charter.  Commissioners are elected to a two-year term every other year.

Each individual Commissioner represents one of the thirteen districts in Macomb County.  Under the County Charter, some duties of the Board of Commissioners include adopting ordinances and resolutions, approving contracts of the County, submitting tax and ballot proposals to the electorate, appropriating funds, levying taxes and certain fees and authorizing borrowing.

Commissioners represent 13 individual districts throughout the county. To find out who your commissioner is, or how to contact him/her, click here.

Click here for a calendar listing of upcoming Board and Committee meetings, and click here to locate their agendas and minutes.

The county recognizes the importance of transparency in government, and is committed to keeping taxpayers informed. Budget data and information about expenditures is made available to the public through the county website. Click here to access up-to-date reports.

The current County Guide Book is available by calling (586) 469-5125 or by emailing your request to: bocadmin@macombgov.org. You can also view and download a digital copy by visiting our County Guide Book page here.

Dominating the emblem of Macomb County is the County outline flanked by a sailboat and three gears which represent recreation and industry, two of the county’s greatest assets. The banner traversing the County’s outline contains three triskelions, an age-old symbol, representing progress. The date, 1818, is the year Macomb County was established. Circumscribing the emblem are the words Macomb County and Michigan, separated by five-pointed stars — symbols of quality.

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