Protecting Our Own Backyard

Our Board approves budgets that help protect our local ecosystem so our residents can feel good about the place they call home.

How we play a role in cleaning up Macomb County

And How You Can Get Involved


Identifying Issues

As a Board, we identify problems, listen to community concerns and work together to come up with solutions on how to make eco-conscious changes.


Approving Budgets

Once we identify key issues, we get to work on budgeting out funds and responsibly distributing tax dollars.


Taking Action

Local resources and experts are tasked with using Board-approved funds to clean up our county and make improvements to our water, air and land.

$131 million in Macomb County tax dollars is allocated towards improving our environment.

We prioritize guiding investments towards creating recreational opportunities, upgrading environmental infrastructure and preserving our ecosystems. Some of the things made possible through county funding include:

  • Maintaining Underground Infrastructure
  • Clean Water and Beaches
  • Farmland Preservation
  • Freedom Hill and Crystal Diamond County Parks
  • Clinton River Water Quality Improvements
  • Greening of Macomb, Tree Planting Program
  • Biking / Hiking Trails
  • Drinking Water Quality Monitoring System
  • Access to Fishing Along Clinton River Spillway
  • Lake St. Clair Water Quality Improvements

Stay in the Know and Get Involved

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